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Our participatory approach combines workshops and integrated performances at heritage sites across the UK and Europe. Working with theatre, circus and dance, we share the excitement and complexity of human dramas from classical tales, emphasising their relevance to all people in all societies.


NDP Circus was set up in 2019 to produce a touring theatrical production of Victor Hugo’s ‘Notre Dame de Paris.’ Directed by Paul Liengaard with an international cast and crew, the production celebrated Hugo’s 1831 novel through a mixture of circus, theatre and dance. The 2019 tour took place in France, Wales and Scotland – with a culmination of three weeks of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

NDP Mansion-23.jpg

NDP has since adapted their model to involve a mixture of performances, workshops and residencies. NDP Circus performances and residencies typically take place in outdoor sites of architectural significance, non-traditional venues and amphitheatres.

NDP Mansion-16.jpg

We ran a two-week residency and theatrical circus course at the Gloucestershire heritage site, Woodchester Mansion. The NDP team for this project was formed of 4 experienced facilitators, specialising in Theatre, Circus, Clowning and Dance. The residency was designed so that participants could share the excitement and complexity of Victor Hugo's human drama, emphasising its relevance to all people in all societies.

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