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Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire


Woodchester Mansion is a unique and amazing Grade 1 listed Victorian Gothic house hidden in a beautiful Cotswold valley. It is an unfinished masterpiece. Building started about 1857, but stopped in the mid-1860s so floors and ceilings are missing, walls not plastered and windows unglazed. All the secrets of the construction of the Mansion are visible - something visitors will never see in another country house.

The Mansion was designed by a young local architect, Benjamin Bucknall from Rodborough. He produced a unique Gothic Revival house which blends the local traditional work in limestone with the ideas of the French architectural thinker Viollet-le-Duc. Viollet-le-Duc was known for his many restorations of French medieval buildings including the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. 

Having been used in numerous films and tv shows, including His Dark Materials. The Mansion provides a magnificent backdrop from which to stage a gothic reimagining of the timeless tragedy of Notre Dame de Paris through the combined mediums of theatre, circus and dance.

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