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‘You may hear the clanging of bells, the clatter of a horse-drawn carriage, or the mournful sound of a full pipe organ mounted high on one of the spires. It's even more spectacular from inside.’

      Fest Magazine

'Featuring live animals, and stunning displays of both acrobatics and equestrianism, it is both a visual treat and very much suited to the time period in which the story is set.’

       The Wee Review

Screaming gargoyles, twisted priests, handsome cavaliers and the ‘Bitches of Paris.’ Paul Liengaard and Company’s ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ recreates the fantastic Gothic world of Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel, Notre Dame de Paris.

From the mayhem of the court of miracles to the tragedy of Esmeralda’s passionate naivety, the diverse and multi-talented international cast deliver a stunning adaptation of this timeless classic. Staged in a traditional circus ring and featuring a 12 metre high representation of Notre Dame cathedral, NDP Circus bring Victor Hugo’s story to life with a heady mix of horses, fire, dance, music, circus and melodrama.

Already in production before the tragic fire in April 2019 the decision to continue the project was taken to pay tribute to Notre Dame Cathedral and honour the important issues raised in Victor Hugo’s story. By placing Fate (Anan’kh) at the heart of his story Hugo explored enduring themes of social relevance; destiny, class and the abuse of power. Our adaptation reflects this and emphasises the cyclical nature of humanity’s struggle with free will and fatality.

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